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Technical Article Briefs

Novel solid-lubricant materials for multifunctional applications
Ross Dunnigan, Sujan Ghosh, Surojit Gupta , M. F. Riyad, May 2016

The addition of thermodynamically stable nanolaminates to thermosets and thermoplastics improves the performance of polymer matrix composites.

Preparation of flexible, transparent, and electrically conductive composite films
Sarama Bhattacharjee, Singh Bimal P., Sanjay Behura, Sasmita Nayak, May 2016

A solution-based in situ polymerization technique is used to disperse graphene oxide nanosheets within a host polymer matrix for a biologically inspired device.

Polyacrylamide-montmorillonite composite with improved properties
Guo-Feng Peng, Fa-Yang Jin, Cheng-Dong Yuan, Zhi-Ming Dong, Wan-Fen Pu, Ji-Yue Xing, Tian-Hong Zhao , Ji-Jia Xia, May 2016

The high water absorption rates and poor long-term stability in high salinity of polymer-montmorillonite composites are ameliorated by introducing a polymerizable cationic hydrophobic monomer.

Investigating the properties of self-reinforced polymer composites
Alessio Ferluga, Lucia Marsich, April 2016

Peel strength tests, scanning electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and differential scanning calorimetry are used to investigate the properties of two commercial self-reinforced polymer composites.

Predicting viscosity and relaxation modulus of polymers
Boming Zhang, Huimin Li, April 2016

The novel ‘viscosity-cure’ shift factor is used to model the rheological and stress relaxation behavior of epoxy resin during the curing process.

Biodegradation properties of poly(butylene succinate) and chitosan nanocomposites
Fakhruddin Patwary, Nadejda Matsko, Vikas Mittal, April 2016

Soil burial tests, conducted under natural conditions, were used to investigate the biodegradability of bio-nanocomposites containing silica, silicate, and graphene reinforcements.

Reinforcing thermoplastic vulcanizates with ground tire rubber
Florentino Soriano, Ernesto Hernandez, Francisco Hernandez, April 2016

Acid surface treatment produces an increase in surface area of 896% and increases the Young's modulus of composites by up to 207%.

Improving styrene-butadiene rubber with functionalized titanium dioxide
Sung Ho Song, April 2016

Oleic acid-functionalized titanium dioxide nanoparticles are used to produce a new styrene-butadiene rubber nanocomposite material with excellent mechanical properties, photostability and thermostability.

Carbide slag as a filler in poly(vinyl chloride)/wood composites
Hui He, Shenghui Tian, April 2016

Using an industrial waste as an inorganic filler in plastic/wood composites improves the fire and mechanical properties of the material, as well as reducing its financial and environmental cost.

Foamcore blow-molded structural components for transportation applications
Steve Sopher, April 2016

A novel process combines traditional blow molding with an injection-molded low-density particle foam core for the fabrication of structural parts in the automotive and related industries.

High-strain-rate testing of reinforced polyetherether ketone
Jorgen Bergstrom, Stuart Brown, April 2016

A variety of techniques are used to test and understand how fiber-filled thermoplastics behave when impacted or subjected to high rates of deformation.

Highly flame retardant green composites using seashells
Sophie Duquesne, Nabila A. Darwish, Hesham Moustafa , Ahmed M. Youssef, March 2016

Using ground seashell as a biofiller in an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer increases flame retardance.

Novel nanotube reinforcers for safer polyamide-6-based nanocomposites
Mir H. R. Ghoreishy, Ghasem Naderi, Seyed M. R. Paran, March 2016

Inclusion of both pristine and surface-activated halloysite nanotubes gives rise to good physical and mechanical properties of the resultant plastics.

Enhancing the dimensional stability and durability of wood polymer composites
Jianzhang Li, Shifeng Zhang , Yutao Yan, Kaili Wang, Youming Dong, March 2016

Grafting polystyrene onto wood cell walls improves the interfacial compatibility between polymer and wood, and thus gives rise to better mechanical and hydrophobic properties.

New method for the design of high-performance polypropylene
Zhong Xin, Shuai Zhou, March 2016

Beta-form polypropylene can be produced through the introduction of a branching molecular architecture and by conducting crystallization under shear and rapid cooling conditions.

Using rice bran carbon to improve the physical properties of rubber composites
Ur Ryong Cho, Yinhang Zhang, March 2016

The mechanical, thermal, and swelling properties of composite samples produced via a latex compounding method are presented.

Predicting flow-induced stress during injection/compression molding
Guixiang Lu, Yanhui Qi, Qian Zhang, Wei Cao , Changyu Shen, March 2016

A new approach, which combines the eXtended Pom-Pom finite element model and an arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian technique, is used to simulate stress levels at different points in a molded part.

Predicting the extent of resin infiltration in pin-assisted pultrusion
Nickolas D. Polychronopoulos, Thanasis D. Papathanasiou, March 2016

A simple explicit model is proposed, based on analysis of computational results that show the extent of resin infiltration in a pin-assisted pultrusion process scales with a novel dimensionless group.

Functional gradient scaffolds capable of dual drug spatiotemporal release
Ting Zhang, Gang Liang, Yi Liu, Hongchen Yu, Yuanyuan Liu , Qingxi Hu, March 2016

A novel 3D bio-printing platform is integrated with a forming system that combines electrospinning and extrusion deposition to prepare drug-loaded structures.

Improved structural properties of polyhydroxybutyrate composites
Vimal Katiyar , Amit Kumar, Umesh Bhardwaj, Prodyut Dhar, February 2016

Cellulose nanocrystals are used to fabricate novel biodegradable nanocomposites that exhibit reduced oxygen permeability, as well as improved tensile and rheological characteristics.

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